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Post Holdings Partnering Corporation

Company Overview

Post Holdings Partnering Corporation is a blank-check company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, share purchase, reorganization or similar partnering transaction with one or more businesses.

The parent of our sponsor, Post Holdings, is a consumer packaged goods holding company with businesses operating in the center-of-the-store, refrigerated, foodservice and food ingredient categories.

We believe that our ability to leverage the deep experience of our management team and the operational experience of Post Holdings, which has completed over 20 acquisitions since 2012 across a wide spectrum of size, subsector, and ownership structure, will provide us with a distinct advantage in being able to source, diligence and add value post-closing of the partnering transaction.

We believe there is a great opportunity to help build a foundation for long-term success, and we will lend our expertise, resources and guidance, backed by our initial financial commitment, to start a journey for a new public company.

Robert V. Vitale
President and Chief Investment Officer

Vast Set of Opportunities within Consumer Products

The consumer economy is large and capital allocation skills tend to be transferable across categories.

Note: Target category list is not exhaustive.
1. Material Requirements Planning

Business strategy

We intend to partner with a company in the consumer products industry that complements the experience and expertise of our management team and is a business to which we believe we can add value. Our management team is deeply familiar with the trends of our target industries and brings an investing approach that offers multiple competitive advantages in sourcing, evaluating and executing on opportunities, including:

  • Long-term investment horizon
  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Sophisticated transaction structuring to enhance value
  • Differentiated partner sourcing across consumer sectors
  • Speed and agility to execute a partnering transaction

Investment criteria

The following general criteria and guidelines are important in evaluating prospective partnering businesses:

  • Attractive Consumer Products category with long-term structural growth drivers
  • Desire and preparedness to be a public company
  • Unique value proposition with an established strategic moat
  • Growth, margin potential and free cash flow capability
  • Experienced management team
  • M&A platform optionality

Competitive strengths

Our competitive strengths include the following core principles by which we govern ourselves:

  • Long-term orientation
  • Partnership model
  • Committed co-investment capital
  • Continued ownership
  • Deep experience of our sponsor and our management team
  • Differentiated sourcing channels with leading industry, private equity, and venture capital relationships
  • Investing experience
  • Post-closing value-add capabilities and requirements